Valora – What Happens On Vacation STAYS On Vacation

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Duration: 24:34s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re a newly promoted CEO of a big company. You decide to celebrate by taking your wife on a vacation. While pool side at the resort, your wife decides to hit the bar. A beautiful woman walks by and recognizes you from your recent article in Forbes. She introduces herself as Valora and begins to flirt with you. You explain that you’re married. Valora takes one look at your wife and immediately thinks that you need an upgrade. She gets you to sneak away to her room. It’s such a rush sneaking around but it gets real when this bikini babe starts kissing you. You can’t stop yourself, you have to take advantage of this opportunity. She gets down and starts sucking your cock. If feels so much better than the tired way your wife does it. she looks up at you with devilish eyes as she sucks your cock like a pro. Then she climbs on top and starts riding you. She’s so tight, you care barely contain yourself but you do your best and pound her pussy. After she cums on you, you can’t hold back any longer. You put her on her knees and cum all over her. How did she do that to you and will you ever be able to go back to normal sex?

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