Tabitha Jane – New Town Full Femme Bff Transformation

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Duration: 12:2s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You once confided in your new friend that you’d wanted to be a femme for a while. So, she makes it happen, doing a makeover and taking you out, it’s so much fun. Here we have a conversation between you and your friend. You’re new in town and the night was such a success that she thinks it’s plausible for this to be the new you, and the only one people here will know. Now instead of basic makeup and press ons, we can get you a whole wardrobe, salon nails, and go pick out palletes for every day makeup. She will teach you through girls days where you watch videos on nails, hair, wigs, style, and makeup. She talks about how your whole life can be transformed, from when you go out, to coming home to a posh feminizd house. You can now be fully yourself inside and out of both your house and body. Even your curves are convincing with a little pushup bra and contouring. We can go out dancing and enjoy our lives as girly BFFs. Now you don’t have to pretend to be super masculine which always felt like so much work. Now you’re free. Although it’s a lot of upkeep to be a femme, it’ll be work you can enjoy and find self expression in.

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