St Mackenzies – Headmistress Mercilessly Tickles and Strips Naughty Student Dolli

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Duration: 15:34s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
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Dolli has been summoned to Headmistress’s office. The Totty have complained about Dolli covering their beds in itching powder and how they spent all night writhing around. Miss tells Dolli how she has already decided her punishment and it will be the closest thing she could think of to the itching powder effects. She explains how she will tickle her, making her hot and uncomfortable so she writhes around in the same way. Miss starts by tickling Dollis feet and instantly Dolli is begging for her to stop as she gets hotter in her uniform. Miss does allow Dolli to slip off her uniform knowing that the relentless tickle punishment is working well. As Dolli loses more clothing Miss tickles her under her arms, her legs and ribs as well as more foot tickling, and soon Dolli is completely naked as she squeals while taking the last of her tickling punishment.

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