Sarah Diavola – Cheating Sex Tape

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Duration: 38:10s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m frustrated that my husband and I haven’t been having sex for such a long time, and I think he might be cheating on me. I found these flirty texts between him and some chick named Sharon from his work. He’s always “working” late, and I mean, look at me. Would you leave me wanting, if you were married to me? So I’m glad you came over, like a friendly neighbor, to hear me vent about my problems. I mean… look at me. And he does. I bend over, and Will gets a good, long look at my ass in this tight, short dress. I notice that his pants are getting tighter and there’s a huge bulge in his jeans. I ask to see it. He resists. I insist. I want to see his cock – I’ve been curious about what it looks like anyway, living next to him for so long, and he might as well take it out and show me! I am very persuasive. He releases his huge cock and my neglected sexual appetites are whetted. I take it into my mouth and tease it – but I won’t let him cum, because that would be cheating, and I am a wholesome woman! I get him close to orgasm several times, before taking my lips away and leaving him frustrated. But he’s a good guy, and he doesn’t really want to fuck his neighbor’s wife, but… fuck, I am persuasive. … A little while later, I invite him over, but I make him find me in my house. He finds me in the bedroom, with a video camera set up facing the bed…where I am… in little lingerie and a determined look on my face. I found a sext on my husband’s phone, and that’s all the cheating I need to see for me to end it and take everything. We’re going to make a video for him. Get over here, and bring that cock with you, and fuck me with it. While we do it, I’m going to taunt my husband while the camera films our entire sexual romp. Did you know that he stole your tools and never gave them back, Will? What a trashy neighbor, right? It’s only appropriate that you fuck his wife’s brains out! This enrages Will, and if he was hesitant before, he is more than happy to pump his cock in and out of my tight, wet, married pussy. We both flip off the camera, say “fuck you!” and fuck each other in every position. He’s so much bigger than you, sweetie, and I’m not sure who you’re more jealous of

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