PrincessCin – Human Atm Training

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Duration: 16:21s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Whenever I evoke your Findom fantasies, your mind starts shifting towards a whole new state of existence. You don’t want to chit chat. You don’t want to be acknowledged. You just want to be USED. You exit the state of ‘human’, and enter your natural state of existence – An OBJECT for Divine Princess Cin. ATMs don’t talk. They operate at they were programmed to. ATMs don’t think. They run on a script I have composed for you. You don’t need to use a single brain cell when you look at Me, because when you enter this state of being, you have none. Just the inevitable desire to turn into My money object, programmed to fit My needs, triggered to operate within a click of a button. I want to rewire your brain, and program you to fit My desires, money object. ATMs don’t speak. ATMs don’t think. ATMs just OBEY. Begin your reprogramming today, ATM.

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