Mistress Alana – MOST EXTREME Degradation and Humiliation Custom

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Duration: 15:7s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

“you feel into my **** and now that you relapsed, i’m not going to stop until you are deep in debt. I don’t just want every penny you have, I want every penny you would have made for the next 30 years. I want you in debt so far that you’l be working until you’re 90 – bagging groceries to pay me. You’ll be making the equivalent of house payments except the interest you’re paying will be to finance your jerking habit. Repeat after me, “‘I want to go broke. I want to be in debt. I want to lose everything I’ve ever worked for. I don’t deserve money. I don’t deserve a wife. I don’t deserve ****. I don’t deserve to be in a relationship. The only thing I deserve is to be deep in debt, jerking and spending. My marriage means nothing. The only thing meaningful in my life is paying to stroke”. etc., etc.'” Make it affirmations and mantras like the cruel loser humiliation but spend a good portion of the video with having me repeat things like “my Step-Mother should have swallowed, your Step-Mother should have had an abortion, my Step-Mother should have sold me into slavery, i don’t deserve to be fucking my wife, I will never fuck my wife again, my wife wishes I were ****, etc”.

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