Miss Untamed – Humiliated by the Dangle

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Duration: 9:57s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

As I was sitting here on my computer I noticed my foot slip out of my leather pump. I felt the cool air on my stocking covered feet. It felt wonderful. Then I started slipping my foot in and out of my high heel. Crossed my legs and began to let my pump dangle off my feet. Moving fast at times and then slow. Here let me show you… Then it dawned on me….you get off to this. This type of fetish excites you. You actually stroke to a high heel dangling off a woman’s foot. You could sit back and watch my heel dangle all day as you stroke. HA! This type of thing is laughable actually but I will make sure I give you a full glimpse of your dangle fetish while I sit back and tell you what I think.

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