Miss Raquel Roper – A Humiliating Foot Interview

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Duration: 12:20s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

“So this video would be a combination of foot humiliation and a q&a. You would start the video by removing your shoes and revealing a VERY sweaty pair of socks. Please wear socks that are a white type of color so it’s easier to see how sweaty and damp they are. The more sweaty you can get them the better. After some sock teasing you would peel them off to show your sweaty feet for the rest of the video. While you’re doing that you would be answering the questions below at the same time and throughout the video you would be taunting, humiliating and laughing at me for being so addicted to womens’ sweaty socks and feet and wanting to smell and lick them clean. Just be yourself in the video and be honest when humiliating me and answering the questions. You can insult me by calling me any names you want, one that I would like you to use is foot pig. Try to use it often throughout the video and make pig snorting oinks at me every time you do it to make fun of me. Here are the questions I wanted you to answer, just have them in front of you to go through (let me know if there are any you can’t/won’t answer)

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