Miss Grace – SLUSH PUPPIE Brainfreezed Gooner Mindfuck

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Duration: 30:38s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We all need a sweet brain freezing treat come winter don’t we? A powerful mesmerize potion resides in every sip turning you in to a complete slushy mess, a complete slush puppie… for me, obedient gooning, you will be my obedient puppie, stroking and obeying. saturating your senses with the addictive desire to be my good boy, my good puppie, your hand frozen to your cock with every stroke, panting and wanting for release, but you want this sweet treat to never end, your desire to be a good boy has you pumping on the edge, pumping for me. The gooning pleasure in your mind filling every corner of your body, intense edging pleasure, surrendering your cock to me slush puppie. This is a fun and unique experience for gooning.

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