Miss Alika White – Are You a Born-Again Virgin

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Duration: 11:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m sure you pussy free losers haven’t been laid in a long time, but do you qualify as a born-again virgin? I’m going to tell you. First though, I want to remind you how pathetic it is that you’ve been without a woman’s touch for so long. I’ll compare our sex lives. I’ll tell you about how I have no trouble getting with anyone I like the look of, as long as they’re single (well, even that doesn’t always stop me), while you endlessly simp over women who are out of your league. Once you’ve found out if you qualify as a born-again virgin, I’ll give you degrading jerk off instructions to remind you of what a bitch you are and bring you into the world of virgin slaves.

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