London Lix – Financial Army

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Duration: 11:9s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m a busy, important woman, and I lead a busy, important EXPENSIVE life. Now I have plenty of $$$, of course, and I don’t mind spending it. But I like to spend on fun things…jewelry, lingerie, education, travel. I like to invest, and spend on experiences that broaden my mind & invigorate my soul. So when I see things like streaming subscriptions, groceries, and gas on my credit card…it bums me out. These things are for mere mortals to pay for, not superwomen. And isn’t it the case that I have a legion of adoring fans who would likely love nothing more than to SPEND on me, to GIVE to me, to SACRIFICE for me, in a very real form of power exchange? Yes! Legitimate financial domination is something you can embark upon this year. You can serve me (as inexpensively or recklessly as you’d like) for REAL now. You can be part, of the London Lix Financial Army. Making my life even more effortless, even more successful, even more full of POWER, through the weakness of your dick. Buy this for details.

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