Kelle Martina – Multi-Course CEI

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” I want you to ask me to have a FULL Meal on a plate and my post-workout protein shake ready. Tell me to put these two items on the table in front of me. Tell me that you want me to cover my meal with a special protein sauce. Quickly take me to the edge of orgasm(1 minute). Then, give me a cum countdown. Before each countdown, ask me to stand up and put my cock over my plate. Give me a 15 seconds countdown and tell me to get my hand off my cock and cum on my meal. Give me 10 to 15 seconds to let my cock dribbles of cum (while you keep repeating cum.cum.cum.cum. laugh at me, insult me and look disgusted). Order me then to sit down, take my fork and eat my meal while continuing to masturbate. After a few tastes, I should be ready to cum again. (repeat over again). Laugh at me out loud and tell me

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