Jecca Jacobs – BestFriend Wants To Make You Cheat On GF

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Duration: 31:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We’ve been friends for years and you open up to me about cheating on your new girlfriend, and about still struggling when you see a beautiful girl. Seeing as how I’ve had a secret crush on you for YEARS I realize now is my chance. I convince you that we should “test” you…you know, to see where you’re at with resisting temptation. I start by slowly stripping in front of you, turning around and playing with my pussy. All while begging you to just give in. Its an easy fix for your throbbing cock…just put it in my mouth. Or my pussy. Just do it. GIVE IN. Finally you do, and while I start sucking your cock I grab your phone to take a few photos. After deepthroating you into bliss I hand you the phone and say “Send the pictures to your girlfriend right now…And Ill let you fuck me, Forever.” Will you do it?

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