Humiliation POV – Marisol Price – Homewrecking – How Far Would You Go

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Look I know why you’re here, I know why you clicked on this video. It’s ok, I get it, I do. It’s something that I like myself lol. The question is… I know how far I’ll go, but how far will you go? You see this needs to be mutual with a lot of communication, between us, not with her obviously. But in ways that you’re not thinking of. So how far will you go? Will you take out your wife/gf and send me a tribute during dinner? Imagine having to make up some excuse to be on your phone while you’re sitting at the dinner table lol! That would be such a rush! Feeling nervous and excited, shaking, cock throbbing under the table lol. Would you do it? But like I really wanna know how far you would go? Would you send me a text while she’s next to you on the sofa hanging out with you? Would you? LOL! Would you look at her and say, ‘I love you’ as you’re typing me a text? Lol! Would you? How far would you go? How far have you gone? I mean you’re here with me right? Stroking. And you’re not in there with her. You’re not in the other room with her, you’re not downstairs watching a movie with her. You’re here lol! Because you can’t tell her, right? Because you’re here with me! So stroke. Good boy. Keep going. Are you doing it? Would you do it? How far would you go? How long would you let this go on for? Would you write my initials just above your cock and then try to fuck her? Lol! Would you turn all the lights off and then fuck her knowing she could turn the lights on afterwards and see my initials? Would you do that? Would you leave it on and see how long you can keep it on for? Would you? How far are you willing to go? Would you call me while you’re stroking and say, ‘I can’t take this anymore, I need you.’, while she’s in the other room?? And then you could put me on speaker phone or do a facetime sex call and you’d get so horny and worked up. But we’d have to keep our voices down, she’s right in the other room lol. Would you do that with just a wall separating me and your wife/gf? Would you let me come over and jump on your bed, or use my toys all over your bed, your bed that you two share together? And would you watch me while I do it? Would you? Of course that’s while she’s gone. And then she’ll come home and then at night you’ll try to fuck her on that same bed lol. If you can even get hard for her lol! The only reason you’ll be able to get hard and fuck her on that bed is because you’ll know I’ve been there lol! And you should know that sometimes I’m really bad at keeping secrets. How far would you go? You know it would be that hard to look up her name or phone number. What if I just called her or texted her or threatened you with the idea that I might text her and let’s say… take her out to lunch lol? Would that make you scared or hard? LOL! And then I’ll text twice you while I’m out to lunch with her lol. Once when we’re ordering and once when I’m ready to ruin you. Would you do it? Stroke for me. Stroke. Show me that you would do it for me, show me how far you would go. For us. For her. For me. Stroke it faster. I know that I want this and you want this so badly and this is what we both want. And God it’s not what she wants but what if I told her? LOL! Did that make you cum? LOL! I’m Marisol Price, professional home wrecker.

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