Humiliation POV – Mandy Marx – Zoned Out Gooner Blackmail-Fantasy Boy

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Duration: 9:41s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Are you ready to relax and really enjoy a little goon session with me? Well good, you’ve clicked on the right video today, haven’t you? I’m going to really fuck you up! I want you to have your cock in your hand and I want you to start to stroking and enjoy how good I look in this skin tight shiny latex outfit. Stare and stroke as I guide you to deeper and deeper layers of relaxation and suggestibility. It’s going to feel so good to stroke with me. Are you ready to goon for me? Good. Now let’s take a deep breath and stroke. Pump with me. The more you pump, the longer you stroke, the more you start to goon. Stay with me boy. Stroke with me. Doesn’t that feel good? Knowing that I take all the thinking away, all the willpower, I’m going to coach you through and make it feel so good, isn’t it just so much more fun when someone else does it for you? It’s almost like I’m stroking your cock. The more you stroke the more you enjoy everything I say, the more fun it is to follow every single one of my directions. Now take a deep breath and enjoy this stroke. And now that we’re feeling really relaxed, why don’t you load up a tribute for me? And I want you to set it up all the way, except for clicking the final button. Then we’re just going to leave it there and we’re going to play. Are you all loaded? Are you ready to play? Then stroke. Jerk it with me. Goddess makes you feel so weak when she makes you stroke, doesn’t she? Stroke for me and just enjoy how weak I make you feel. How good I look and how enticing all of my suggestions are. Pump. You can’t help but just do exactly what I say. You just have to stroke and take a deep breath, boy. Then you’re gonna stroke and you’re going to keep following along because I already have you. I already have everything I need to out you. You already sent it in that email, all those passwords, all of that information, and with that, I think I could get a lot more information. I already have everything I need so you better do absolutely every little thing I say, or else I’m going to out you. So stroke for me, even if it means giving in more and more and more, just give in for me and take a deep breath. And pump some more. Take another deep breath and stroke. But don’t cum yet, boy. Because if you cum too fast, I could just as easily out you with passwords, and emails, oh go on, keep stroking boy. It was so easy to find your physical address. No time at all. And that’s just the info I’m telling you about. So if that’s not enough information to not cum early, well then you’re already more fucked than you look right now. Stroke for me, boy. Stroke for me and my shiny ass. Stroke for me and my perfect latex curves. And I know since you’re feeling so relaxed and so suggestible and so turned on, almost hazy, almost confused, zoned out. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke for me, but don’t cum or else I’m going to tell everyone. Stroke for me boy, I need you to stroke. Now click. Tribute. Game. Set. Match. Very good boy.

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