Humiliation POV – Mandy Marx – Your Girlfriend Becomes Your Fetish JOI Princess

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Duration: 11:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Mandy is your girlfriend and she knows you’re into fetishes, latex and joi. So she surprises you when you come home in this skin tight latex outfit. She starts out a little awkward and uncomfortable as any girlfriend who’s never done this before would. But you can see the change in her demeanor and in her voice as she starts to enjoy it, her confidence grows, she starts to understand it, and she takes full control of you cock, becoming the fetish joi princess of your dreams, and it’s your girlfriend! Ok honey you can open your eyes? What do you think? Is your cock getting hard? Do you really get off on this? It’s a very different kind of outfit, it’s kind of strange. Yea I don’t have any pants like this lol. They’re so tight. Babe, are you ok? Lol you’re like practically drooling. This shiny latex is so tight, it’s like squeezing me everywhere. Ok so like now I’m going to make you jerkoff. Touch yourself and I’m going to tell you how to jerk it. Wow look at you, you do really like this babe. Now stop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make that face before. Now stroke your cock again. But this time when you jerk it, get a little closer, like to cumming. This time I want it to be even harder when I make you stop. So jerk it faster, now um, stop. I like watching your cock bounce when I make it stop. You look like a desperate stroking boy. Now stroke your cock again. Look at me so shiny and tight. Does that get you going? Do you like it when I look like a fetish joi princess? Yes you do lol! I look like a porn fetish slut queen lol. Do you like when I call myself that? Lol! Now stop because I’m your fetish queen. Now stroke your cock because I’m your fetish queen. Stroke it for your perfectly dressed, perfectly shiny, tight latex fetish queen. Stroke it. Now I want you to slow it down and instead of trying to get as close as you can, I want you to take as long as you can on this next edge. I want you to build it up so slow, that it takes you a while to get to that edge. Go on, try, try and make it last. See how long you can make it last before you have take your hand off your cock so you don’t cum. Me looking this good in my perfect outfit, let’s just see how long you can stroke before you need to take your hand off for your fetish queen. That wasn’t very long. Can we do longer this time? Let’s take longer to do this edge, let’s make it a real edge. Can you last long enough to make it a real edge? Let’s try again. That wasn’t very long! We’re supposed to be getting better for our fetish queen, we’re supposed to be jerking longer for our fetish queen. Your supposed to be able to enjoy my perfect latex legs more and longer. More and longer. Do my words make it even harder not to cum? Stroke it, stroke it for my shiny outfit. Get yourself all worked up over me. The perfect words, the perfect timing, the perfect outfit. Sexy shoes. God, I was born to be your fetish queen. I was made to be your queen. I’m just so good at this. Stroke, stroke for your fetish queen. Get close. I see you’re getting close. Try to last. Try to keep up with me. I know it’s really hard to keep up with me when I look this good. When I’m almost too good at commanding you. And you’ve never said no to a really shiny girl so get close for me. Get really close for me. Pump it faster and faster. Get really close for your queen. And now spill, cum for me, cum all over the floor because I said so, because I look this good. And I don’t need to do anything else, do I? God, I can’t believe I ever said that this stuff was too tight. It’s perfect. It’s almost as perfect as me.

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