Humiliation POV – Goddexx Daphne – Eat Your Cum After I Destroy Your Ego – Its What You Deserve

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Today I’m going to teach you a lesson today. I know that you still think you’re a real man. And so I clearly need to remind you that you’re not. If a real man were in between my legs, he’d be licking my pussy, but you being the pathetic fucking loser that you are, you will never get to lick my pussy. Absolutely fucking not. I’m going to be brutal in my honesty today. I’m going to take you down a few notches and make sure you truly understand how low you truly are. You can jerk that pathetic dick if you want. I know that seeing my body like this makes you so fucking horny. But you know what you really are, don’t you? You are a pathetic chronic masturbator and you are completely fucking addicted to women who don’t give a fuck about you. Gorgeous women, pussy, none of that is for you. No. You are a little porn addicted junkie. You are a pathetic excuse for a man. Not a man at all really, just a slave. And today I’m going to destroy you with that truth as you jerk that loser cock. I’m going to destroy you and your ego and I’m going to destroy every last little thought that you are a man. Because you’re not, no, you’re just a little jerk puppet for superior goddesses. You don’t deserve pussy, you don’t deserve anything other than to spend every moment of your life pumping to me, getting lost in my perfection, getting completely and utterly weak for me. Look at my ass, you’re never going to have a view like this unless it’s in porn. You’re never going to have a gorgeous girl bouncing up and down on your dick. Lol! Sex is something that’s reserved for real men and you’re simply a jerk addicted gooning loser for me. You’re unworthy of anything but hate fucking your hand to my dominant perfection. You understand that don’t you? You understand that ass and pussy aren’t for you. The only thing that you get to fuck is your hand. I’m going to keep smacking you in the brain with the truth and the truth is that you are unworthy of anything but spending your days jerking off to me on your screen. Do you see my perfect body, little loser? This body will never be for a loser like you. You can jerk all you want to my perfect curves, you can pump your life away to my gorgeous goddess body, but you will forever be unworthy of me, unworthy of sex. Forever just a little porn addicted loser. I know the truth hurts but it’s what you need to hear. It’s what you deserve. I like seeing you at your lowest, almost brought to tears by my brutal honesty. And I’m not done with you yet. Now that I have you here, lower than you’ve ever been before, I’m going to really rub your nose in the truth. You’re a pussy denied freak and I’m going to make you do something worthy of what a little loser you are. I’m going to make you do something so fucking humiliating. Pump your cock for me. Jerkoff to me like you’ve done countless times before. I want you to get yourself right to the edge because I’m going to make you cum and eat it today. I’m going to make you explode everywhere and then lick up your load like the loser that you are. I don’t care if you want to eat it or not, you’re going to do it. It feels so fucking good to tell you the truth and remind you of your place beneath me, you little fucking loser. No pussy for you loser, just humiliation, it’s all you deserve. You’ll never taste my pussy, the only thing you get to taste is your own jizz. Now jerk it faster, get yourself right to the edge for me, loser. Get ready to spray your face for me, little loser. Cum, cum all over your face like the addicted gooning slut that you are. Cum all over your face to remind yourself of your place, of what you deserve. And now I want you to lick up every last drop of your load. Lick it off of your face. Scoop it up and swallow every drop. It tastes like humiliation, it tastes like exactly what you deserve. I’ll bet you feel so fucking pathetic right now lol.

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