Goddess Lindsey – Recycled Orgasm

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Duration: 12:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Reduce Reuse Recycle! This obviously applies to all your orgasms too, just think of the waste you make cleaning up after yourself. So many tissues and so much water down the drain for what? your orgasm? Oh come on! your orgasm is most definitely not worth that, the only way you can cum is if you recycle it…down your throat. Swallowing has become second nature to you at this point. I know you’re eager to kick those feet up and aim right at your face, but first you must earn it. Edging your cock with the hope that soon I’ll command you to splatter that load all over your face! Make sure to get as much as you can in your mouth and lap up any drops you miss with your fingers. This mess should be 100% recycled! No clean up necessary.

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