Goddess Christina – Your Fetish Is Me

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Duration: 8:43s
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Lets talk about your obsession, compulsion, fixation – your fetish. The things that make you tick. What exactly is it? As your Goddess Ill tell you exactly what it is. Its soft tan skin, perky tits, tight abs, round ass, long legs and shiny red hair. Its what you jerk off to. Its what you cum so hard for. Your fetish is me. Sure – theres other women that try to cater to your interests. But the truth is they dont compare. Not even close. Theyre not me. Thats why you keep coming back for more. You yearn for my attention. Even just a tiny morsel of it. You cant stay away. I excite you. Both mentally and physically. This ritual that you have adopted of worshipping me has changed your life completely. Youve given over your rights and your desires to me. Yielded to my authority. And like a good little slave – youre learning to serve me.

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