Goddess Christina – WET Heart Attack Pure Torment

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Duration: 5:30s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m going to pretend you’re actually a real man for a moment and not simply a slave. Just long enough to show you how I’d slowly tease you and fuck you up before I use your dick. The seductive stare that I’ve mastered makes you NEED me. The look that makes me appear so perfectly sweet and innocent. The way I tease you with my soaking wet body. You can’t help but watch my every move and sway. The sheen and glow of my skin makes you go crazy! My tight WET shirt that shows hints of my sexy nipples. God you want me sooo bad! Undressing me with your eyes. Wishing…. wanting… craving… MOREEEE!!! But the reality is… you’re just a slave. I love bringing you right to this exact point. The point of Pure Torment!

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