Enchantress Bree – Seducing My Best Friends Fianc

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Duration: 5:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your future wife sent me to check on you. Isn’t it awesome to think that after today she’ll be your wife, from now until eternity? You look nervous, let’s do something about that. Rub my feet. It’ll take your mind off of everything. Yeah. See, you’re already relaxing. I’m just gonna rest my foot here, oops, I guess I missed your leg. Oh. Are you enjoying this a little too much? Well I think that’s the best way to relieve some pre-wedding jitters. Pull it out, can’t ruin your suit. I’ll rub it with my feet. It’s just sad, this is the best orgasm you’ll ever have and your wife isn’t even going give it to you. You’re going to remember fucking my feet, you’ll have to think about this moment just to get hard.

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