Ellie Skyes – Your Sister in Law – A Slow Burn

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Duration: 30:14s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: ROLE PLAY, TEENS (18+)

I am your wife’s sister who comes over during spring break that requires me to stay with you both for a whole week! During that time my sister/your wife is extremely busy at work and is gone most of the day and has charged you with keeping me company. All starts off well with us hanging out and actually having fun. However as time goes on I start to become more and more seductive and aggressive however you are very reluctant much to my annoyance but I remain confident that I can break you.. I keep up my playful flirting, sexual hints, seductiveness and physical sexual hints until you eventually break and give in. This is a slow burn story that is designed for you to slowly get more and more worked up until you can’t take it! There was originally a part 1 to this video that I had to take down and since then I’ve lost the video. However, at some point, I would absolutely love to re-do part 1 again for this video!! Maybe even add more parts! Part 2 includes

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