BuniBun – Your Sweet Sister Makes You Cum

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Duration: 18:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You wake up to your sister laying in bed naked with you jerking you off. She tells you that she was walking past your room and saw that you had a hardon so she wanted to come in and help you take care of it. She also tells you that she also wanted to cheer you up because of those rumours going around with your friends with everyone saying you have a small cock and she knows your real upset about it. She says that its true, your dick is kinda small but she thinks its cute and loves it! She decides she wants to finish you off so she continues jerking you off until your about to cum and she tells you to cum in her mouth. She spills out all the cum in her mouth into her hand and is suprised how much cum you have! She wants to fuck you now, she starts riding your cock but wants to get right into it and fucks you hard and fast until she cums (not you). She cums hard and says she needs to make you cum so she continues riding you and when your near cumming she gets off your cock and starts jerking you off until you explode with cum in her hand. She then tells you that those rumours arent true and that shes proud of you for how hard you stayed and how hard you made her cum and that she wants to be your girlfriend now so we can fuck everyday now.

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