BuniBun – WWE Alexa Bliss Yoga Teacher Fuck

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Duration: 33:8s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Alexa Bliss is teaching her online zoom yoga class today, shes been super excited and looking forward to it all week to see and teach everyone. You do class with her and at the end she says goodbye to you all and signs off. Or atleast she “thinks” she did. She thought she turned her webcam off but accidently left it on…..you see that she starts talking to herself saying how horny shes been all class especially with all those eyes on her the entire time….shes been turned on the entire time during class after seeing everyone and she starts to touch herself….pulling her shorts off…touching her tits….and then grabbing her closest dildo to fuck herself with. You see her fuck herself in multiple different positions as she talks to herself about how much she wishes she had a real cock inside her instead and wishes her students could be fucking her right now. After she cums she notices she left the computer webcam on and starts freaking out asking how long you all have been watching her. She finds out you all have been watching her the entire time but she notices you all have your dicks out and have been jerking off to her the entire time. She thinks thats super hot and gets turned on again and tells you all to come over to her house next week for “private lessons”.

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