British Bratz – Ruining Your Credit

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Duration: 6:48s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Funding my lifestyle gets you off and there’s no denying that, each tribute I demand you to send me makes your dick harder and harder. Being my personal ATM gives your worthless life some meaning. Slaving away endless hours, taking on extra shifts and even second jobs fuels your deep love and addiction to me. It started off with a tribute here and there, but now, thanks to me, it is consuming your entire life. My spending is becoming more and you are weaker than ever for me. My words cut straight the core, instantly weakened with my alluring, manipulative ways. Financial ruin at my hands is no longer something you fear, but something you embrace. You are my slave and slaves work is never done. I’m no longer happy just seeing you go without or your bank account in the RED. I don’t want to just see you struggle to live, I want to seriosuly see you struggle. I want to leave my permanent mark on your life. I want to ruin your credit to the point that you are refused ANY kind of credit for eternity. I wont be happy until this happens and when it does it will give me great joy as I sit back and see your whole world fall apart and in turn you will become even more dependent on ME.

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