Ariel Anderssen – Getting Ready for the New Priest

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Duration: 11:34s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Oooh it’s Sunday, and I’m planning my church outfit. This has recently become EXTREMELY important, because we have a new (SINGLE!) vicar. And I’m determined to make him mine! But how does one woo a man of the cloth? Obviously he’d be above any awful, slutty displays. I think a nice white blouse, and church hat, and some pearls and a floral skirt might do the job? Or perhaps that’s a bit too coy. The important thing is how it will look when I’m kneeling. No, I don’t like that at all. I need to show a bit more cleavage, and a wear something a little more figure hugging! Stripping off my skirt and blouse, I put on a floral dress and kneel down again. This looks much better! But needs a more formal hat. Oh, perfect. But my bra straps show now! Hmm. I think I have JUST the dress. It’s rather saucy, but no one will believe I chose it on purpose – they’ll think I don’t know that it’s see-through enough for my white underwear to show through the tight yellow fabric. And perhaps the vicar will think I need to be punished. I wonder if he’ll spank me? I wonder if seeing me kneeling at the alter in front of him will give him sinful thoughts about blowjobs??

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